The VisRx™ Presciption Ready Annunciator lets the busy pharmacist know by way of a wireless visual indication when a prescription has been prepared by the pharmacy technician and is ready to be verified and processed.

The Main unit is attached to the picking area cabinet by 2 screws and is powered by an included AC Adapter.

The Wireless Receiving/Annunciator unit is placed in an area that the Pharmacist can easily see. It is powered by an included AC Adapter.

The Main unit sends Wireless information to the Receiving/Annunciator

unit when a Prescription Tray is detected and turns 'ON' the bright LEDs.


  • Affordable prescription preparation efficiency increase
  • No batteries to be replaced

  • No unseen ready prescriptions being missed

  • Auto Calibration for small or large cabinets

  • 1 level detection or optional 2 level detection for 1 or 2 level cabinets

  • Increases productivity by streamlining prescription preparation




Prescription Ready Annunciator

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VisRx Wireless Receiver

   Download Sample Tray Picker Cabinet.pdf

$299.99 USD + S/H

Canadian Buyers Only

USA Buyers Only

NOTE: Tray Picker Cabinet or trays not included

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​VisRx Wireless Transmitter

  $299.99 USD + Tax + S/H

Tax included in final price

  $299.99 USD + Tax + S/H

Tax included in final price

  Download VisRx User Manual .pdf