Time has come for an affordable, realistic approach to automated and accurate liquid dispensing for pharmaceutical reconstitution of oral suspensions.

To ensure that  a reconstitution of  an oral suspension  is consistently  made with

the correct volume of liquid as per each product's data we designed an electronic

fully automated Reconstitution Unit that is accurate to +/- 0.5mL once calibrated.

The Solu-Plus™ features an on-board 4 liter reservoir to hold the water used for reconstitution.  Data is  entered by  a Capacitive Touch Keypad  or by scanning the

barcode label on the product with the included Laser Barcode Scanner.

Whether manual input or Bar code scanning, the Solu-Plus™ saves time, reduces errors and cuts down on waste. It also confirms you’ve used the appropriate volume of water for precise reconstitution, reducing the risk of partial fills. 

Solu-Plus Features:-

  • Works with Distilled or Demineralized water for your reconstitution needs

  • Capacitive Touch Keypad (over 500 million operations -Self Calibrating)

  • Larger Diameter Reservoir neck and cap for easier filling

  • Automatic Overfill warning feature to prevent reservoir overfilling/spills

  • On screen water level gauge lets you know the amount of mixing liquid left

  • Purge feature to remove inadvertent air bubbles in system on 1st start up 

  • Two (2) stage calibration for more precise deliveries

  • Reservoir evacuation/emptying system for easier monthly cleaning

  • Narrower unit profile to save precious wall and counter space 

  • English or French LCD Screen language choices

  • Fast user friendly learning curve

  • No leaks from external, under constant pressure water supplies

  • No Filter or Flow Meter cartridges to clog and replace (reduces operating costs)

  • Included Laser Barcode Scanner with included list of common products 

  • Products can easily be Added, Modified or Removed from the products list using the Barcode Scanner and on LCD display Menu choices 

  • Just scan the product's barcode or manually enter the requested amount of water and the Solu-Plus™ delivers the exact amount of water that you need

  • Included 100mL Calibration Cylinder and a 250mL Verification Cylinder.

For hard to mix solutions the Solu-Plus™ allows 1 or 2 portion deliveries

Fast verified delivery times of actually tested true 7 seconds per 100mL deliveries

​The fully automated Solu-Plus™ Reconstitution System  is easily the most accurate and lowest priced feature rich stand alone Pharmaceutical oral suspension Reconstitution apparatus on the market today. 

The included Solu-Plus™ Users Manual and user friendly LCD  screen makes using

the Solu-Plus™ for the first time a breeze. ​


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