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About Us

Pharma Electronic Solutions was created to solve specific Pharmacy problems and/or issues that Pharmacy owners were looking for an affordable solution to.

One of these issues that was brought to our attention was when a prescription that was filled by a technician and placed in a Prescription Ready Tray in a Tray Pickup area, the pharmacist needed to know when the prescription was ready to finalize and be given to the customer without needing to go to the Tray Pickup area to see if a prescription was actually ready. This solution was to improve preparation efficiency and reduce the time a customer needed to wait for their prescription.


We designed a novel electronic solution for this need and is available under the [Products] tab on the main Home page. The product name is VisRx™.

Another issue looking for a solution that was brought to our attention was of a way to make sure that a reconstitution of an oral solution was made with the correct amount of liquid as per the product data at an affordable price.

We designed an electronic Reconstitution Unit that is accurate to +/- 0.5mL and has an on board 4 liter reservoir to hold the liquid used for reconstitution.

The Solu-Plus™ Reconstitution Unit information is also available under the [Products] tab on the main Home page. The Unit includes many new and innovative features not available in other similar reconstitution products and is available at a lower price point than any other Electronic Reconstitution System on the market today.

You may contact us at any time with your questions about our products or perhaps we can offer an electronic solution for your Pharmaceutical issues or problems. We may be able to help you. All information is kept strictly confidential and will not shared with any third party. 

After all, the name of the game is cutting costs while maintaining the highest quality standards and safety for your customers at the lowest operation costs.

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